Clinical Analyst


  • Clinical training (MBBS, BAMS, BHMS, BDS, or Bachelors of Nursing).
  • Excellent command of English language in all the 4 categories; Reading, writing, speaking, with listening and understanding.                                                                                                                   
  • Ability to learn new concepts with an enthusiasm for learning, take direction, & produce high quality deliverables including analysis of clinical data.

Desirable but not a prerequisite:

  • Basic to intermediate knowledge of US health care system (provision of services, medical billing, reimbursement models a plus) with some degree of hands on experience in the past (hospital experience a plus). 
  • Previous work experience with US healthcare an asset, and if yes;
    • Familiarity with standard code sets used in healthcare (ICD-10, CPT/HCPCS, etc.)
    • Familiarity with medications/pharmacy in US healthcare system (generic vs. brand name, NDC/ETC codes)
    • Familiarity with laboratory functions in US (LOINC and SNOMED codes, screening vs. diagnostic tests)
  • Basic PL/SQL knowledge or experience.
  • Experience with Agile methodologies.


  • Information management skills (curation and organization of clinical content, code sets, etc.)
  • Excellent teammate, excited by challenges and new opportunities.
  • Basic typing skills with workable knowledge of the basic Office package; Word, spreadsheets, PPT, Outlook, or Office 365.


Monday, November 26, 2018